A retro look back at the former child and teen stars that were previously featured on the pages of Teen Stars Online.

Ryan Wilson

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Ryan Wilson
Child actor Ryan Wilson
Former child and teen actor Ryan Wilson was born on October 16, 1990, in Lubbock, Texas, Ryan only compiled five credits as an actor in that time frame with his most notable role being that of Jesse Tilson in the 2003’s Cold Creek Manor.

The young Texan at the age of nine appeared in the 1999 family comedy Soccer Dog: The Movie as one of the soccer players. Two years later he had a guest role on the popular TV series ER as Bryan Cooley for the episode April Showers. That same year he played Brian Kniffen at age 6 in the TV movie Just Ask My Children (2001).

In his biggest role as previously mentioned, he played Jesse Tilson in the thriller Cold Creek Manor along with Dennis Quaid, Sharon Stone, and Kristen Stewart as his older sister. In the film, a family moves into an old mansion out in the country to escape city life. All’s well until a series of terrifying incidents at the house lead the Tilsons to wonder who used to live in their new home — and to discover what dark secrets are hidden inside.

Ryan’s final role at the age of 14 was on the series The Guardian playing Drew Jankowski for the 2004 episode, The Vote.

Ryan had also appeared in a variety of national commercials and as a youngster, it was listed In his spare time he enjoyed playing hockey, baseball basketball, and video games.
Very little information is available on the course his life took after he stopped acting but there in that time period he was a favorite and very popular on the Teen Stars Online website and for that, we take this look back at Ryan Wilson.

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Modesty Blaise

Very cute in that movie along with Kristen Stewart, I also loved the movie I thought it was good.


I only just watched this and searched up the kid cause I like him, seeing Kristen Stewart so young I figure it is old movie.

Gossip Girl

I liked him in Cold Creek Manor, had a little girl crush. 😛


I liked him in “Cold Creek Manor” I thought he was cute. 🙂


A good job in Cold Creek manor, guess he just stopped acting.

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