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 Mason Lucero in Blood Work
Mason Lucero in Blood Work
Mason Lucero is another one of the former child and teen stars that were listed on Teen Stars Online he was born in California on October 29, 1992, and stated out at the age of six with an appearance on the hit series ER playing Jason on the episode My Brother’s Keeper in 1998. The same year he played Walter Jr on the TV movie “Winchell.”

Mason was only active from 1998 to 2005 amassing 15 credits in that time span, his last role was the feature film “Kicking & Screaming” at just the age of thirteen.

Lucero’s TV work after ER and the TV movie “Winchell” included guest roles on “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” (1999), “Chicken Soup for the Soul” (1999), “Providence” (2000). In 2001 he played Young Aaron on the TV movie “Lost Voyage” and Adam Perliss on an episode of the series “Family Law.” His final TV role was on two episodes of the series “The Guardian” (2003) where he played Kenny Turk.

Mason’s feature film role started with a small role in “Mystery Men” (1999), “Whatever It Takes” (1999), and playing Who Boy in “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” He landed a more substantial part playing Conner Rhodes in “I Am Sam” (2001), and Tommy for “The Sweetest Thing” (2002). Mason had a treat when he had the opportunity to share the screen with screen legend Clint Eastwood in the action/crime drama “Blood Work.” (2002) Three years later he made his final screen appearance in the Will Ferrell and Robert Duvall comedy “Kicking & Screaming.”

After Kicking & Screaming Mason Lucero at the age of 13 had no further credits, there is no indication of why and he simply could have quit like many before had also chosen, there is no information on him after he left acting in 2005.

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I saw Blood Work because I never miss a Clint Eastwood movie, the kid did a solid job in the movie did not look out of place with the screen legend.

Britty Baby

I remember him from I Am Sam and Blood Work with Clint Eastwood.

Last edited 4 months ago by Britty Baby

A blast from Teen Stars Online past, I remember when this kid was listed on the site.


The kid had some decent screen time with Clint Eastwood in “Blood Work” he did a good job.

Susie Q

Oh wow, yea I remember this kid from I Am Sam and Bloodwork but then there was like nothing new now I see he quit at 13.