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Mara Wilson

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Mara Wilson
Mara Wilson in Matilda

When you mention Mara Wilson most that were kids at the time or have seen it in later years either via video or TV will remember her as the title character from “Matilda” the big-screen adaptation of the much-loved Roald Dahl novel directed by Danny DeVito, or the earlier “Mrs.Doubtfire.”

Well, as some might ask whatever happened to Mara Wilson? this does not apply to her who by all accounts seems to be doing well and quite happy with what she is doing since quitting acting after filming “Thomas and the Magic Railroad” which was released in the year 2000.

Mara was indeed a successful child actor at the time, she was first spotted by most in the hit “Mrs. Doubtfire” which is a personal favorite of mine, she then went on to “Miracle on 34th Street” with some TV work between on the series “Melrose Place” as Nikki Petrova. She then went on to “Matilda” another film that I enjoyed and many today continue to enjoy its entertainment value through DVD or TV viewings.

Mara then filmed “A Simple Wish” which was another highly enjoyable family film enjoyed by many. Three years later she starred in “Thomas and the Magic Railroad” which failed at the box office in the USA but had more success overseas.

Mara Wilson in that short time has left a body of work that is still enjoyed today by many and her decision to walk away seemed to be her own as he decided to focus on school and enjoy her teenage years. It’s reported that in June 2005 she graduated from Idyllwild School of Music & Arts and went on to attend New York University. In 2008 she wrote and performed the one-woman play, “Weren’t You That Girl”, it ran for three days and detailed her life and how others treated her because of her days as a child star.

After about 13 years Mara Wilson eased back onto our screens with some TV and film roles such as “The Nostalgia Chick” and “The Nostalgia Critic,” she appeared as a waitress in 2016 on the series “Broad City” and did voice work on “BoJack Horseman” the same year.

So is Mara back? not really she lives the quiet life in NYC Writes plays, fiction, and non-fiction, and maintains a blog. Seems to be doing quite well thank you and any readers here that have not seen any of the mentioned titles then I recommend giving them a watch, especially “Matilda.” For a better explanation of why she quit acting, then hear it from Mara herself from this posting on her blog.

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Ruth S

Mara Wilson entertained me as a child for sure, I love her movies I wanted to be her. 🙂


I love Matilda, she was awesome in it. 🙂


Have to admire her she was a top child/teen actress when she called it quits.


Lovely child actress did some good movies before she walked away. cheers to her.

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