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Jeremy Sumpter was born on February 5, 1989, in Monterey, California, USA, and was one of the most popular stars back in the early 2000s on Teen Stars Online. Jeremy leaped to stardom playing the lead role in the 2003 update of Peter Pan but before that at age six, he was the youngest child in Kentucky to be accepted into the state’s Gifted Arts program. Some of his artwork was exhibited in a local art gallery.

Jeremy and his twin sister, Jessica, and younger sister Jennifer entered the International Model and Talent Association preliminary competition in Lexington, Kentucky. Jeremy was selected to compete at the International Modeling and Talent Association’s Los Angeles International Convention where he went on to win “Pre-Teen Male Model of the Year,” along with awards in Fashion/Runway, Commercial/Print and nine other categories.
A few years before his iconic role in Peter Pan he started his film career with the feature film “Frailty” (2001) where he was very effective as Young Adam in this intense film from actor/director Bill Paxton. The same year he appeared in the TV series “Raising Dad” and “ER” along with the made for TV movie “Murphy’s Dozen.”

In 2002 Jeremy went on to play Skeet Dobson in “Local Boys” and Henry Starbuck in “Just a Dream” which won him his first Young Artist Award, the same year he guest-starred on the series “Strong Medicine.” This lead to his famous role of Peter Pan in 2003. For his performance, he won the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film by a Leading Young Actor for Peter Pan.

During the filming on Peter Pan, Sumpter grew eight inches taller. A window frame in which Peter stands in, at Wendy’s nursery, had to be remade four times so that Sumpter didn’t have to crouch to get in.
After a one year break, Jeremy returned in the 2005 TV movie Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life and another Young Artist Award nomination but with no win this time out. He also joined the cast of the sports drama “Clubhouse” in its second season playing Pete Young.

To round out his child and teen stars roles in 2006 he starred in the features “The Sasquatch Gang” and the next year “An American Crime” and a guest spot on “CSI: Miami.” His final roles for his teen years was joining the cast of Friday Night Lights for 20 episodes and the feature “Calvin Marshall.”

Jeremy has continued acting way past his teen years with feature and TV roles that lead right up to the present. Of note, he auditioned for the role of Bobby in ‘Hearts in Atlantis‘ but lost out to Anton Yelchin.

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Britty Baby

Jeremy Sumpter is amazing, I simply love Peter Pan. 🙂


A talented handsome and success from “Frailty” to now and none of the pitfalls of the so call child star curse, just a good talented fun-loving young actor. Go Jeremy Go.


Good as a child now no more than a B movie star, a bitter disappointment.


A good child star, nothing much after he did not live up to expectations but then that could be just Hollywood but sadly I must say another good child star to so so actor just like Haley Joel Osment.

SaksFith Chick

I had a mad crush on him after first seeing Peter Pan. 😛