A retro look back at the former child and teen stars that were previously featured on the pages of Teen Stars Online.

Frankie Muniz

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Frankie Muniz
Young Frankie Muniz

One of the first on Teen Stars Online Frankie Muniz (Born: 12/05/1985 Ridgewood, New Jersey) made an indelible impression in the title role of the whip-smart “Malcolm” on MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE. As a result, Muniz was nominated for his first Emmy Award in 2001 for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series and is a two-time Golden Globe nominee for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series — Comedy or Musical. He also garnered a Hollywood Reporter Young Star Award for Young Actor/Performance in a Comedy TV Series.

Muniz also made a name for himself in the film world starring as James Bond’s nephew, an American teenage spy, in the feature film “Agent Cody Banks” and later reprised the role in the sequel, “Agent Cody Banks 2.” He was also the lead character in the film “Big Fat Liar” opposite Amanda Bynes and earlier he had a lead role in the excellent “My Dog Skip.”

Frankie might have been the most popular teen actor during his time in the hit show Malcolm in the Middle he was considered one of Hollywood’s most bankable teens in 2003 due to the popularity of that show and the films “Big Fat Liar,” “Deuces Wild, “Agent Cody Banks” and “Racing Stripes” with young audiences.

He placed his acting career on hold in 2008 to become an open-wheel racer where he competed in the Atlantic Championship. In 2012 he appeared on the series “Last Man Standing” and has been seen on TV series, Made for TV movies and features since then through his appearance on “Preacher” in 2017. His feature list since includes these coming soon films “Road to Capri,” “Hot Bath and a Stiff Drink 2,” “The Black String” and “Another Day in Paradise.”

Frankie also threw his hat in the ring in writing; producing and music when he wrote the screenplay for the TV show “Granted” in 2004 it remains his only writing credit. He was an executive producer for the show that year and in 2006 for “Choose Your Own Adventure: The Abominable Snowman” and in 2007 for “Choose Connor.”

Musically he joined the unsigned band You Hang Up as a drummer and in 2012 he joined Kingsfoil, a band based in York, Pennsylvania, and currently endorses Imperial Cymbals.


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Oh my as a 12 year old girl I was mad over Frankie. 🙂

Donnie Darko

He had a nice little career as a child and teen actor with Malcolm in the Middle where he made his name and a few movies that were nothing more than fluff to capitalize on his fame from MITM.
However, that being said he was an awful actor and that is why as an adult he is open-wheel racing. 🙂


I love MITM and had a huge crush on Muniz in 2000 like all other pre-teen girls. 🙂


I love Frankie to death back when I was a kid and MITM was new on TV. 🙂


I like the movie My Dog Skip. 🙂

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