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Whale Rider


I might as well be the first to get this forum going by talking about her debut film the wonderful and upbeat Whale Rider (2002). In the film, we see Paika a Maori girl who strives to achieve a destiny that her grandfather will not recognize after he twin brother who was destined to be chief died along with her mother at birth. Despite all opposition, this will not stop her from trying to achieve this dream.

Whale Rider is a feel-good movie much like as mentioned in the profile page bio here on this site it is very reminiscent of Billy Elliot and once again we get to see that not all feel-good movies suck.

If you have no knowledge if this film or have not seen it before I recommend this film highly.




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Saturday Night at the Movies.

I just love these movies where an unknown child actor just burst upon the scene and wows audiences all over, such as Brad Renfro in The Client, Jamie Bell in Billy Elliot.

Fantastic story with a look at Maori traditions told with respect and not exploitive in any way with good performances especially by newcomer Keisha Castle-Hughes.

The New Zealand scenery is breathtaking, one of my favorite movies from the first time I watched it.

It is funny how you liked a film so much during it's first few years of release and then you forget about it until you see a post like this.

A fantastic movie and I agree with the comments how in many ways it reminded me of Billy Elliot both with virtual unknowns and both aiming to achieve a goal others feel that is out of reach because of gender.

I have not seen this in years but right now going to order the DVD this should have been in my collection long ago, and I even just enjoyed looking at the original Screen-Shots seems like Doc kept all these old images avail and they again come in handy.

Whale Rider is a joy to behold a majestic tale, the Screenplay writer and director Niki Caro both did a bang on job of adapting the novel of the same name by Witi Ihimaera. Whale Rider is tinged with some sadness but is ultimately an uplifting story.

The cinematography is stunning and the look at Maori traditions is done respectfully and does not seek to exploit. Newcomer Keisha Castle-Hughes is sensational as the young Maori girl who seeks to accomplish what a stubborn grandfather has said is out of her reach due to gender.

One of the best films of its release year or any other year, as a matter of fact, do not miss this one if somehow you have never had the pleasure of viewing it.

I love Whale Rider, the whole thing about being a girl her age when I first saw it and cheering her on.

Excellent movie that I have not seen in years, might be time for another viewing.

Quote from Film Fan on March 7, 2019, 3:22 pm

Excellent movie that I have not seen in years, might be time for another viewing.

Just watched it again 2 nights ago, has aged very well.

This girl became my hero when I first saw this DVD. 🙂

I have never seen it but I will find it and watch it because I am getting some good old movie recommendations from here.

Lovely old film, terrific actress.