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Uncle Buck

I just mentioned My Girl was my favorite MaCaulay character in a movie so Miles Russell of Uncle Buck would have to be my second.

John Candy who I also love was so funny in this movie it is one of his best, in my opinion, here he plays to be blunt a bum, a ne'er-do-well the type of person you should not leave watching your kid but his brother did and the fun begins.

Even though Buck is an idle slacker he is lovable and does love the kids and the movie has some touching scenes. Again Macaulay Culkin is fun and loving in this role before he hit it big the next year in "Homer Alone" I guess John Hughes who directed Uncle Buck and wrote Home Alone remembered him from this role but I don't know that for sure.

Mac has some funny lines in the movie a couple of my favs are "Holy smokes! He's cooking our garbage!" and while watching Tia make out with her boyfriend he says "That's a pretty stupid thing to do during Flu season!"

One of John Candy's best and a good pre Home Alone role from the lovable Macaulay.





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Great laughs from this old classic and John Candy was at his best, Culkin and the other kids are also cute and good. Like so many things I see on here I have not thought of this movie in ages and feel like watching it again now.

LOL, I started laughing just seeing the topic, I love "Uncle Buck" the best babysitter ever. lol

I loved this movie, John Candy is one of my favorite comedians and he rocks in this movie.

I love Uncle Buck and not just for the adorable Macaulay Culkin it is a hilarious movie, one of my favorite DVDs.

Uncle Buck rocks.

I love Macaulay and he was awesome in this movie before he hit his big fame with Home Alone, such a funny movie all the cast is excellent and John Candy is Uncle Buck, not that ridiculous TV series they had back in 2016.

Buck is the best uncle ever, such a funny bloke. 🙂

A fun movie that fits this time of year also, MaCaulay is so cute in this movie has to be one of the cutest child stars ever.

Uncle Buck is too funny, man John Candy was one funny guy. RIP