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The NeverEnding Story

A favorite of mine when I was a kid but as good as this film is for kids and the entire family the book it is based on by Michael Ende is superior.

I was not born for the film original released back in 1984 but saw it on a VHS that I practically wore out from viewings. The special effects were good for that time but viewings these days you can see some cheesy looks but it will not take away from the magic of this film.

I remember after seeing it then it I went out and hunter down  D.A.R.Y.L also with Barret Oliver and later the Cocoon films but this remain my fav by this young actor who also seemed to just walked away.

I liked it but my fav movie featuring Barrett was D.A.R.Y.L. as a kid I though it was so cool.

I loved The NeverEnding Story when I first saw a DVD of it as a kid, I thought it was magical, though by todays standards not so but just a great story.

Awesome movie, another one I would have loved to see at the movies when I saw this DVD at about 10 years old I was just hooked right from the start, what an awesome magical movie even for kids of today.

I love this movie, such a nice story for kids with some awesome visuals.

A 1980's classic, a magical fantasy that left the 80's kids in awe, it also contains beautiful landscapes, creatures and awesome sound plus a magical synthpop soundtrack that is pure 80's.

The film is a pure gem that was a magical part of the 80's kid that sat in the cinema to hear that wonderful sound editing and see that magical land on the giant screen.

This wonderful fantasy should be enjoyed by kids of today, a must see.

A cool movie I loved this video when I was a kid, must have worn it out watching it.

Another fav of 1980s kids and often referred to as a Barret Oliver movie even though he was just in the intro but it was some fun scenes for him. I actually remembered being a bit scared of the rock monsters. lol

I was about 7 years old when my mom put on this DVD and I was just in a trance the whole movie I was totally drawn into that magical world, love the movie.