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The Adventures of Pete & Pete

This was a cool show I used to watch, Michelle Trachtenberg only joined for the last two seasons, it was on from 1992 to 1996 she joined in season 3, she played Nona.

The show was about two red-headed brothers who lived in like this surreal town named Wellsville. Pete, the older brother narrated what was going on in there life.

The show was really weird but in an awesome way and the place where they lived man was that bizarre, if you have never seen this Nick classic find it and check it out. Awesome show for kids and any age for that matter it has to be one of Nickelodeon's best shows ever.


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Oh good call Skater but you are not that old so you could not have seen it in the original run, I have some great memories of this early Nick show, it was awesome.

Lvve the quirky and surreal nature of the town the people the stories such a good show.

I watched this on DVD it is a cool series, never knew about it until my mom bought the set of season 1.

I have never heard of it but sounds like something I would like to check out.

I remember this show I have seen every episode, I remember also when Michelle Trachtenberg joined the cast for the last two seasons.

I remember and love this show it was very cool.

I like this show, never seen it on the original run but we have the DVD of it.

A very cool early show from Nick and might be their best, get the DVDs of it and check it out.

This is a cool old Nick show we also have the DVD set.