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Miracle in Lane 2 (2000) TV

Good post there Eldon, I remember seeing this as a kid and loved it.

We have this DVD, love this movie, and Frankie Muniz is so cute loved the movie as a kid.

A cool movie for kids, I love it when I was a kid but have not seen it in ages.

This is a nice childhood memory at a time when Frankie Muniz was a huge hit.

First I realized this was a made for TV movie, I only saw it on DVD and figured it was a big-screen release it is really a good movie.

A very sweet Frankie Muniz movie and I agree just like "My Dog Skip" that I also love.

I love this movie, completely forgotten about it and have not sen it in such a long time, I want to see it again and will order the DVD. 🙂

Oh wow, I had forgotten all about this movie, was very excited to see this movie being a big fan of MITM and Frankie Muniz.

Since I was Frankie Muniz crazy I was obviously crazy about his movie, it is really good a nice touching family movie.

My favorite Frankie Muniz roles, Malcolm in the Middle, My Dog Skip, and then this awesome TV movie.