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Matilda (1996)

Let us remember and talk about the wonderful Mara Wilson and the also wonderful movie from 1996 by the name of Matilda.

Matilda is a special little girl, very smart and unfory=tunately has the worst parents that you can ever imagine and the worst school principal you could ever dream up but luckily a fantastic teacher. Tired of all the abuse hurled her way one day Matilda found out she had telekinetic powers and after some practice decides to get back at her parents and principal.

Mara Wilson is sensational, a great piece of casting and the rest of the cast is also a treat and this might be the best adaptation of a Dahl work.

Strays a bit from the book and Americanized so to speak but this is an awesome family movie that has been seen and enjoyed by many.

Very recommended.


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A magical film with winning performances by the cast, a delightful slice of fantasy and while a winning family film there is a scary element to it.

The cast of characters who can forget the absolutely dreadful Agatha Trunchbull and the sweet and kind librarian, Mrs. Phelps? Then we also have the annoying big brother 'Mikey', and the oh so wonderful teacher with the name that fits in Miss Honey?

As mentioned it is changed slightly to Americanize it but the film is a winner with great dialog, good humor and oh those archetypical characters, Mara Wilson is pure magic one to be seen over and over.

Matilda is one of my favorite movies, EVER.

I did love this one as a kid, have not watched or thought about it for years.

You will not find many who did not like Matilda in their childhood.

Awesome old movie, compared to the crap they sell today as family movies this is a gem, today's family movies are all fart jokes and all crude humor like the abominable "Vacation" remake.

I love this movie, has some very mean people in the life of Matilda and a few very nice.

I like Harry Wormwood he is a worm, lol.