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Land of the Giants (1968)

In the late 60s and early 70s and throughout the rest of the 70s and 80s in replays, kids were glued to the TV every Sunday as Land of the Giants played on ABC from 7 PM to 8 PM.

Kids like myself were completely enthralled with this tale of 7  Earthlings on a suborbital flight from the US to London, the ship was drawn into a space warp and they ended up landing in a strange world just like Earth but 12 times their size making them like insects in this world.

We were amazed how they created this world and wonder each Sunday how did they do that as the earthlings were in the pockets of Giants, menaced and dwarfed but all around them.

Each week we get episodes with them trying to get the ship operational and being in danger from Giant kids, adults, cats, crows, Turkeys you name it. These special effects today are nothing but then we kids were amazed.

This was brought to us by Irwin Allen who also had other series that amazed us like "The Time Tunnell", Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Land of the Giants at that time was the most expensive show produced on TV.

To keep on topic with these movies and shows this did have a child/teen actor and that was Stefan Arngrim who played Barry, I believed he was about 12 or 13 at that time as he was born in 1955. I believe his character on this show was a version of Will Robinson of "Lost in Space" and his relationship with the dastardly and cowardly Fitzhugh was their version of Dr. Smith.

Stefan Arngrim as Barry was an extremely likable kid very polite always a yes sir, he was a fav of the kids at the time. he was also very effective in his role, it is a shame the show lasted just 2 seasons but maybe the cost of production might have had a lot to do with that.

I recommend this show to the younger kids of today who might have never heard of it but for kids who caught it in first rum or later in the many reruns it was an all-time favorite.


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Oh, I loved this show as a kid, could not wait for a new episode, and was totally in awe of how the effects were done, big at that time but now not so much.

Thinking back I had no idea it was the most expensive show at that time but now I can see why due to having to build those huge props depending on the episodes.

I absolutely loathed Fitzhugh and that dog Chipper used to drive me crazy when he was yapping when they were trying to hide from giants. I always would angrily say why do they even bring it and not leave it on the ship.

I was so crushed when it did not have a third season but thinking back as mentioned could it have been the cost I think the ratings were good but I will have to look into that.

Have the series maybe it is time to go through the two seasons again.

It sounds cool but I have never heard of it, how can I see this?

My you guys are nostalgic I used to watch this show in the 80s on a local channel and I loved it even though at that time it must have been 15 years since it was in the first run.

I even seriously doubt if I had seen all the episodes but I loved the series but like all rerun shows it just stoped playing and I forgot all about it, would like to see it again see how it holds up from when I was a kid.

This sounds cool I would like to see it, never heard of it before.

An after-school favorite in the 80s watching the reruns had no idea what year it was from just that it was a cool old show.

Saturday Night at the Movies.
Quote from Jeff on November 24, 2021, 12:15 am

An after-school favorite in the 80s watching the reruns had no idea what year it was from just that it was a cool old show.

The same here also in the 80s on a little UHF antenna channel. lol

I have never seen a second of it but I heard from older relatives it was a big hit here in the UK.

I also watched this as a kid in the 80s, I thought like most of the first season was very good but in the second and final season rewatching years later they got away from the formula and in season 2 made interactions with the giants seem friendly and they lost that terror they had of the giants.

They still had to be wary of them but they were more often in friendly situations with more interactions that were not life and death, which ruined the series.

Sounds cool but I have never heard of this old TV series.

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