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Kids Say the Darndest Things

I have never seen this show, Khleo was on the episode from season one Oatmeal it aired in 1998 so he was about 9 but I swear he looks like 6.

The photos were on teen stars online way back then and I see they have put them up again so check out a very young Khleo way before "Holes". The quality is not great but still worth seeing.

Kids Say The Darndest Things - Screen caps



He is so cute in those pics and yes he looks way younger than 6 but even in Holes, he is very small for his age.

Hard to believe Holes is like 15 years old this year, most of the fans on the site at that time are like 26 and up I would guess.


I saw that episode that he was on, he was so cute and funny with his answers.

I remember that episode, I had no idea who Khleo Thomas was then but I watched that show often, that was way before he became well know with the release of Holes.