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How many remembered the short-lived TV series created to cash in on the popularity of Christina Applegate after Married with Children ended it's long run.

NBC built this completely around Applegate where she played a single mom who is looking for love again with a new boyfriend in her life that her father does not like (there is a new plot revelation). To convince her dad she gets help from her two bros one who is voluntarily mute and two girlfriends who work at her dad's bar.

More plot her ex-husband who walked out some 7 years prior returns and tried to get back into the family which includes young Eric Lloyd who plays Little John Warner.

I liked Applegate and in this series, she was the complete opposite of the bimbo Kelly Bundy, here she is a smart and very responsible single mom.

I did not mind the first half of season one but by season 2 the show had lost its way and seem to be at that point simply seem directionless and was there simply as a showcase for Applegate. The second season was also the last as it wrapped up due to low ratings.

If you have never heard of it and want to check it out some poor quality episodes are on Youtube.




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I have not heard of this series but I would love to see it I am a fan of Applegate, quite possibly being in the UK this passed me by as it seemingly was not a hit there in the USA and lasted 2 series only.

I know when this was airing but never watched an episode, no fan of run of the mill sitcoms.

I would love to see this series if I can find it just for cute young Eric Lloyd.

I remember the series I started watching as a fan of Applegate and "Married With Children" and wanted to see how she handle a role opposite to the bimbo Kelly.

That being said I can see why it lasted only 2 seasons and surprised it was not just one.

I actually watched some of this as a kid, did not have it on a don't miss schedule but if I was checking around I would stop and watch it just for Applegate. 🙂