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Jack the Bear (1993)

Set in the 1970's "Jack the Bear" is a drama about the Leary family after the loss of their wife and mother. The father John is the host of a late-night horror show but struggles to be a good dad to his sons, thirteen-year-old Jack wonderfully played by Robert J. Steinmiller Jr. and his younger brother four-year-old Dylan played by Miko Hughes.

Jack at only 13 years old is left to be the substitute parent to Dylan while at the same time trying to handle the normal problems that come with adolescence and his struggle with the loss of the mother.

The film takes a look at some of the grittier sides of life intermingles with some humor and cuteness, Robert J. Steinmiller Jr. and Miko Hughes are both wonderful in this film that if you missed is really worth a look.

Dany Devito might have given his best acting performance in this sadly overlooked film, the film is technically sound, deftly directed, great editing and believable dialogue.



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Wow! yes, this is one I have not thought of or seen in years but as I recall it is a very good movie, well acted I agree by Devito and the two kids.

I am going to dig this one up and watch it again.

Saturday Night at the Movies.

A long-ignored gem of a movie I agree, wow I completely forgot about this one.

This one must have sailed right by me I have no knowledge about this movie but from your recommendation, I will have to look it up and see if I can find it.

Never heard of this relic, if it comes on the telly I might check it but I won't spend a pound on buying or renting this.

I have watched this after seeing the mention here and it is a pretty good movie if I must say so.

Quote from Sofine on March 10, 2019, 7:20 pm

I have watched this after seeing the mention here and it is a pretty good movie if I must say so.

I am glad you liked it, a movie that deserves some more attention.

I decided to watch "Pet Sematary" again recently after seeing the remake as a bit of a refresher and ended up making it a Miko Hughes night by also watching "Mercury Rising" and "Jack the Bear" and having not seen it in ages what a delight it was, this is a fine movie and I recommend it.

Saturday Night at the Movies.

Thanks, I might look this up and watch it one rainy day.

I recently seen this, my whole family watched it and everyone liked it.