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Have Gun - Will Travel (1957)

I am currently watching this series on the H&I Network, just have to love the gentlemanly gunfighter, the man in black, and a quick gun. Paladin is a well-educated fat gun who hires his gun out only for good causes.

A West Point graduate who lives out of the Hotel Carlton in San Francisco who when hired dons all black and heads out into the Wild West to earn his pay. Played by Richard Boone the 25-minute episodes are pure Wild West adventures once he leaves the Hotel and dons that black outfit.

One of the best Western series in my opinion and I love it so if you can check it out on H&I, I am sure the younger ones here and even those in my age group might not know this series.

"Have Gun, Will Travel...Wire Paladin, San Francisco."


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Oh as a little girl in the 70s, I enjoyed reruns of "Have Gun-Will Travel", Palladin was so tall and dashing in that all-black outfit. Richard Boone was perfect for the role, just a great Western.

I am currently watching this great old oater about to finish season one.

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