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Freddie Boath - After The Mummy Returns

I figured after The Mummy Returns this kid would show up in tons of movies but he was not seen at all and a check of IMDB shows he went 7 years before he did anything.

The Mummy Returns released 2001 and he went seven years before he was in a TV series The Children but seem to have worked steadily in television after that no features.

I am guessing all those series were UK series because I have not heard of them, his last series was in 2013 on House of Anubis as Benji Reed.

I am guessing his absence was his choice and not a lack of casting agents seeking him out.

I kind of figured the same but who knows firstly that is a tough competitive business for child and teen actors and next maybe he just wanted to be a kid.

Yes, he was on the telly here in the UK quite a bit, saw him while channel surfing but not any shows I watched. After "The Mummy Returns" he did naught till 7 years later his first TV series names "The Children" and since 2013 nothing new.

Freddie is just fine never you mind he graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a Bachelor of Arts, he completed an internship at London's The Red Brick Road, an advertising agency. He is a marketing and adverts professional but he will still act on the side. He is also looking mighty lush. 😛


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He was fun in The Mummy Returns, annoying but I thought he played the role very well and I thought for sure also he would be a regular in movies from then on.