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Firestarter 2: Rekindled (2002)

I had no idea that Firestarter 2: Rekindled existed  I saw it on DVD recently and thought it was a movie but after checking I found it was a TV miniseries. It was not great but to me, it was not awful either I would say 5 of 10 and that is it's IMDB rating.

Charlene from the first movie is not grown up and finds ends up battling with a group of children with powers (More like X-Boys) and their cruel leader.

I watched it after checking on Devon Alan movies from this site and that led me to try to watch it.


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Devon Alan was a good child actor but this was just brutal, not that the original was that great but compared to this it is Gone With the Wind.

This is bad but that has nothing to do with the cast, it is just a lousy mini-series.

I would love to see it, I have seen Devon Alan in Undertow and will watch anything he shows up in.

I saw this when I was about 11 and I thought it was freaky like most 11-year-olds might.

Awful movie, just awful, I am a fan of young Devon Alan but he had nothing to do I agree with this being a major stinker.

Subpar TV miniseries sequel to the 1984 Drew Barrymore original it is ok though because the original is not exactly a barn burner.

Saturday Night at the Movies.

I am sorry there is no kinder way for me to put this, this mini-series sucks.

You want this, don't you: Emperor Palpatine

I would like to see this, I watched the first movie one day when I found it looking for something to watch in my dads old DVD library when I was bored and it was kinda cool almost like an X-Girl. lol

Not as bad as some of you making it.

Not a very good production but it is watchable it is certainly not the worst thing you could put on to watch on a lazy evening.