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Bill Maher vs. Comic Book Fans

Glad this site is less restrictive in language than TSO.

For those wondering what the feud is between Bill Maher and comic book fans, it all started after Stan Lee's death. He published this blog:

Boy did that generate a lot of flack. However after two months of flack, he did give a response on his show where he clears things up but still stands his ground:

I'm 33 and I don't read comic book, but I don't disrespect those that do. And what's this about every superhero movie is about a pursuit of a glowy thing? All I can say is I hope Black Panther wins Best Picture so that the producers can tell Bill Maher to stick it!

Bill Maher suffers from verbal Diarrhea, sorry for his fans but I can't stand that man, look many adults are big into comics, I am your age also and I have no time for them but I could care less who reads them.

Gamers get the same flack tons of older people are big-time gamers and some look down on that but why let people do their thing.

Thanks for posting this I heard of it but never got to read the comments as that is what I wanted to see but I did hear about what he said.

Yes, it is a bit less restrictive here cause they made it plain this site is not catering to kids.

Irrelevant and ridiculous? the only thing ridiculous or irrelevant is Bill Maher it stuns me that people actually think this man is funny.

Bill who?

Guys like Bill Maher, Colbert, Fallon they think there is nobody better than them, yes the same Fallon and Kimmel both who wore blackface make up multiple times so that is why they are not mauling Ralph Northam. Sorry for the politics I just hate those hypocrits who think they are Gods gift.

Very stupid comment from a supposedly intelligent man.

Such an idiotic comment surely he was not serious but simply trolling.

Saturday Night at the Movies.

Bill Maher can stick it, I am an adult and I love comics, I travel far and wide to comic conventions and hit every comic store in any city or town I pass through.

He is quite the gobshite I don't know why American find him funny.