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Alice Upside Down

Eleven years old and a big fan of Alyson Stoner when I first saw Alice Upside Down it quickly became my favorite movie she was in. I know of the story because I had read a few of the books in the series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor about a girl called Alice McKinley that goes all the way to Alice at age 18 I believe.

The series is quite long but I had a few, this movie covers Alice who along with her brother and dad move after the death of her mom and Alice is still having a hard time dealing with it.

As always at the new school, she has a rough time fitting in and also her teacher is a very hard case, Alice who is also shy and is always fantasizing that gets her in a lot of trouble. The movie is good that it teaches kids not to judge by appearance and jump to conclusions too easily.

So about her life and her tough time at school and also dealing with her moms passing, watching the movie again recently it is really a pre-teen and teen movie as it has loads of plot holes and it plays more like a Disney TV movie that a feature for cinemas or it is also more like a DVD release but the acting is good by Alyson.

Here in Italy, the movie title was "Alice - Una vita sottosopra."

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I remember this movie when I was a Lil dude, I actually liked it have not seen it in ages and actually forgot about it till now.

I remember it, forgot all about it ut I remember us kids loved it.

OMG! I loved "Alice Upside Down" when I was a little pre-teen. cx 😛 a huge fan of Alyson Stoner.

Typical stuff for pre-teens and teens and bored parents. 😛

A cool back in the day Alyson Stoner movie. 🙂

I loved this movie so much but then again I was back then a huge fan of Alyson Stoner. Sher was just one of the best all-time of those Disney TV kid stars.