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ABC Afterschool Specials


I bring more ancient history but this series of specials that started in the early 70s from ABC TV and aptly titled "ABC Afterschool Specials" was entertainment for kids in the early 70s and right through the mid-90s.

The show was presented as entertainment for kids and teens in a slot right after we came home from school and as a young boy in the 70s I never missed it. The subjects mainly dealt with situations that kids and teens could encounter and many times dealt with some serious subject matters such as bullying, teen sex, teen drinking, family problems and much more. The cast of the shows was made up of child and teen stars of that period mostly such as Lance Kerwin who had a series "James at 15" in the 70s, Kristy McNichol who starred in the very popular series "Family" and others such as Alfred Lutter and Christ Barnes who was Tanner Boyle in The Bad news Bears.

Some of the best episodes were produced in the early seventies with some favorites of mine being "Rookie of the Year"  (1973) with Jodie Foster, in this episode, an 11-year-old girl faces harassment after joining an all-male baseball team.

Another that actually had me tense in watching was "Pssst! Hammerman's After You!", in this episode a Sixth-grader insults the school bully who wants to meet with him after school. The suspense and fear in this were played perfectly as the poor kid anticipated the beating he would have to take from the bully, very good episode.

Other good seventies episodes were "Me and Dads new Wife," where we see a 12-year-old girl having to deal with her dads new wife, It Must Be Love Cause I Feel So Dumb where the school nerd falls in love with a popular and beautiful cheerleader and deals with how he can win her over, "My Mom's Having a Baby" deals with a curious 10-year-old who wants to know where babies come from.

The 1970s was the golden age for this show, I was even shocked to learn it ran for 25 years well into the mid-90s because I just stopped watching at some time in the 80s.

There are so many memories of this show and so many lessons I learn from it, the kids in the show were fantastic because they came across as regular kids like you and not the mini adult child we see in today Disney stars, Kristy McNichol, Lance Kerwin, Jodie Foster, Alfred Lutter, Wilie Ames, and many others were fantastic.

Some episodes are on youtube but not the best quality but you can get a glimpse into this time capsule for kids starting in the 70s the best time to be a kid in America not like today at all but I digress. 🙂

At the following link, you check out Pssst! Hammerman's After You!



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Another good pst it is nice to have someone that can go back to this period and expose us to some gems from that period. I am aware of the Specials mostly from the late 80s to 90s, I was not a must watch but I did catch a few episodes growing up.

That being said I have read a bit about it and have stumbled upon some of the 70s shows and that was the golden age for the specials and I agree the kids in those early versions were so much like your everyday kids and not some kid star acting.

Of those oldies that I have seen I also liked "Rookie of the Year" and the "Pssst! Hammerman's after you!" episodes.

I have seen live at airing some of the later episodes in the late 80 and 90s also, I would love to see some of the 70s shows and never thought of checking YT.

I know when it was airing in the 90s but never really paid any attention to it but I will watch that old 70s episode from the link posted here and see what it was like.

I have seen some episodes of this but they were later ones from the 90s or late 80s and I did not see them at the time related I saw on a video.

I also saw the one from the 70s Me and Dad's new Wife, it was excellent shows the problems that come in a family with a stepmom, etc.

I have seen a few of these, they were like4 of them on a disc set that my mom had bought, the ones on it to me were  nothing special at all yet I am sure that there were many good ones. I never saw any at all on the tele.

We have some of these in our DVD collection, never watched any but my sister has, also I think they are later episodes no 1979s.

I have never heard of this but sounds cool I will see if I can check some out on YouTube.

WE have a couple of DVDs with some episodes of this, I have watched them about 6 different stories and they were pretty good but they were not ones from like 70s.

Believe it or not, I have seen the one "It Must Be Love Cause I Feel So Dumb," it was screened one day at the public library movie night.