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2019 FIFA Women's World Cup Poll

Who do you think will win the 2019 WWC?
France0 Votes · 0.00%
Germany3 Votes · 18.75%
Brazil0 Votes · 0.00%
Italy0 Votes · 0.00%
Australia0 Votes · 0.00%
England7 Votes · 43.75%
Japan0 Votes · 0.00%
Canada0 Votes · 0.00%
Netherlands0 Votes · 0.00%
USA6 Votes · 37.50%
Sweden0 Votes · 0.00%
16 Participants

Who do you think will will the 2019 Women's World Cup?

I like England but watch out for the USA with Alex Morgan and Carli Lloyd.

The USA, go ahead color me red white and blue. cx

England who else love? lolz I just voted the same over at TSO.

Going in I liked South Africa and Germany but a lot of strong teams in this tournament.

The USA all the way and if not maybe Germany or England.

Have to watch for those Norwegians on Thursday, Go England.

The USA beating Spain was oh so sweet. 🙂


These girls can play I am enjoying this. 🙂