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11 Former Teen Stars Whose Naughty Scenes Hurt Their Career


I StumbleUpon this article which is a list of former teen actresses whose careers were supposedly ruined by doing as they say naughty scenes.

Looking at the list I would say their careers were ruined because they are all lousy actresses, comments please.

11 Former Teen Stars Whose Naughty Scenes Hurt Their Career

LOL, I will agree none of them are in danger of winning anything but a Razzie, Alyssa Milano doing some nudity in two horrible movies did not ruin her career, what did is she is a lousy actress.

A bunch of Z listers who had no other choice but to do the B smut they did, that did not ruin their career. Seriously Alyssa Milano had nothing after Who's the Boss? Alyssa Milano is one of the worst actresses out and that is why she is never cast in anything and on Who's the Boss?  she was just a cute child actress who could not handle that role.

I think it is fair to say that with this list a lack of acting ability is what really hurt their career, especially Alyssa Milan she is brutal and her only way to get any attention these days is to be some kind of political hack.

Maybe they are bad actresses but they sure are hot, also you can't say Dunst is a bad actress she is pretty good IMHO.

I have started watching some old forgotten sitcom by the name of Charles in Charge and Nicole Eggert is drop dead pretty in that show. I have no idea if the show was a hit I picked it up out of my parents DVD collection one day looking for something to watch and got hooked on it.

I had no idea who she was before that show and now I know why I have never hear anything about her to this day.

Could appear in some nude scenes really hurt your career? I find that hard to believe because if you are a top actress there is no way it hurts your career, There are so many top stars that did some nudity with zero effect on their careers.

Hollywood is a tough place to get on top and stay there and if you don't have that little extra then you will fade away.

I do not think all on the list are lousy actresses, I grant a few are for sure but you can't tell me Kisten Dunst is a lousy actress if you saw her as a child in Interview with The Vampire.

...............but they are hot.

Not to pile on but they are not particularly talented actresses except for Kirsten Dunst she is super talented, Milano is the worst she has zero acting ability she is doing the only thing that gets her a little bit of press, pretending to be a political activist.

You guys are saying some really mean things, especially about Alyssa Milano and I love her old show Who's the Boss? Samantha is awesome.