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Duel Farnes
Child actor Duel Farnes
Duel Farnes was born in June 1993 in Ennis, Montana, USA. Duel Farnes was just 10 years old when he made his feature film debut playing the role of Irwin in “Northfork” which turned out to be his only credited role.

The short-haired youngster had more experience riding sheep than reading lines. His only acting resume at that time can be summed up with one part in his school’s play, “The Ugly Duckling.” Eight-years old at the time he was picked from about 200 other Montana boys for the role.

As we look back at the stars listed and roundly talked about on our sister site Teen Stars Online he was quite a sensation back in 2003 with the fans on the site. His performance in the film drew great reviews from critics and moviegoers. As a group, all of us on the site were predicting a long career and many more roles to come but that was to be the one and only except for 14 years later with an uncredited role as Virgil in “The Ballad of Lefty Brown” (2017).

In the film, he plays an orphan who has been returned by his adoptive parents (Claire Forlani and Clark Gregg) who claim that he is defective. They tell the parish priest played by Nick Nolte that he gave them a sick child. The priest decides to care for the lonely little boy who imagines angels who come to comfort him.

At the film’s release, it has been reported Duel’s parents have never have gone out of their way to go to casting calls, and they don’t plan to seek out more movies for Duel. “If something comes up, we’ll consider it,” adding that they don’t have an agent and don’t want one — “not yet.”

That could very well explain his absence from the acting scene it was by choice, I have no information on what he is doing today but we always have his work in Northfork to enjoy.

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When I saw his movie I was hoping to see much more of this child actor, but he went and did what he loves so all is good.

Film Fan

Northfork is a wonderful film, Duel Farnes was fine and I was looking for more from this child actor but he had other loves.

Donnie Darko

The 11-year old that turned his back on Hollywood to ride bulls, smart move kid Hollywood would have eaten you alive wit their filth.


Northfork is a good movie, a bit slow but good, the kid was good in his first role.


The kid was fantastic in his first and only role in the film Northfork I saw it back in 2003 on the big screen, a real different type of movie a bit slow but darn good. Duel was just an ordinary country kid acting in a movie he preferred riding bulls to acting.