A retro look back at the former child and teen stars that were previously featured on the pages of Teen Stars Online.

Devon Gearhart

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Devon Gearhart
Devon Gearhart

This looks back at Devon Gearhart another popular star featured on Teen Stars Online, Devon Gearhart was born on May 5th, 1995, in Atlanta, Georgia, and at a young age enjoyed success as an actor collaborating with such talents as Ray Charles, Christopher Reeve, Jim Caviezel, and Will Patton to name a few.

Devon began acting at the age of 7, landing national commercials with Burger King, PBS, Pizza Hut, and the cartoon network. His silver screen debut came in 2004 when he landed the title role of Young Bobby Jones in Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius. He also starred in the HBO movie Warm Springs, playing FDR’s favorite son, and the TV movie, The Brook Ellison Story, directed by Christopher Reeve.

In 2005 Devon landed the lead role in two independent films, “Canvas”, where he played the son of Joe Pantoliano and Marcia Gay Harden, his performance earned him a Nomination for a 2008 Young Artist Award for BEST PERFORMANCE IN A FEATURE FILM Supporting Young Actor – Fantasy or Drama and “Dog Days of Summer”, which is told through the eyes of Devon’s character. Other roles include playing Georgie in “Funny Games” and Jeffrey in 2008’s “Changeling”. He also starred in “Shorts” (2009) with Jimmy Bennett. Other films by Devon while still considered a teen actor include “The Wait” (2013) where he plays Ian and “Bound” as Cory also in 2013.

Along with two TV movies he also had a guest appearance in “Weeds” in 2005 and The “Dead is Dead” episode of the hit series “Lost” in 2009 playing Young Ethan. Devon also appeared in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” in October 2010 in the episode Merchandise.

Devon continues to work as an actor with his most recent credits as of January 2022 listed as a guest spot on “Criminal Minds” (2015), the feature “Street Level” (2015), and the short film “Name Escapes Me” (2018).

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Jallisa M

A talented and cute kid actor, he made me cry watching “Canvas.”

SaksFith Chick

One of my favs from the mid-2000s, a very nice actor and did I say cute. cx


A talented child actor was a revelation in “Canvas” he carried the movie.


A fantastic child actor in the mid-2000s had three big movies in that span as noted above and my favorite was “Canvas” just fantastic he carried that movie.

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