A retro look back at the former child and teen stars that were previously featured on the pages of Teen Stars Online.


Former Teen Stars is all about the child and teen stars that were previously featured on Teen Stars Online which started as Tripod site in 2000 and eventually used the domain name Teen on Screen before settling on Teen Stars Online which remains to this day.

Through the year that niche fan site was a gathering place for many fans that came to discuss and share photos and video of their favorite stars of those times. Hundreds of fans came and made friends as they shared their love for stars such as Frankie Muniz, Justin Berfied, Haley Joel Osment and many more.

Here we will once more list these stars with retro photos of those days along with video clips and a forum to discuss their careers and their film and TV roles.

Many have gone on to successful adult roles and some have disappeared from acting completely but they will be remembered here with photos, video clips, and topics.

While we will only list and feature the stars from Teen Stars Online we will also, in general, take a look back at all former child and teen stars.

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