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Joey Cramer – Former Child Actor

Child Actor Joey Cramer

Joey Cramer is a former Canadian child actor who leaped to fame after starring in the 1986 film “Flight of the Navigator” I guess I have to slot him in a blog post since I believe due to his roles being mainly in the 80s  he was not a child or teen actor that was listed on Teen Stars Online so he would not have an actual page dedicated to him as is the purpose of this site.

I see on many posts he is given a lot of heat due to his life after being a child star but he was in one of the most popular kids/family movies of the 80s and from the Disney studios. He played David Freeman a 12-year-old boy who goes missing in 1978, only to reappear once more in 1986. In the eight years that have passed, he hasn’t aged. At the same time of his return, a flying saucer is found caught up in some power lines.

To David, it seems he had fallen and was unconscious for mere minutes but at his return, his younger brother is now his older brother and his parents have visibly aged. The film was a sure-fire hit for Disney.

That was not his first film role because two years previous he made his debut playing the son of Tom Selleck in the 1984 film “Runaway,” Sellick plays a police officer in the future who specializes in Robots who go, rogue, at that time they are a part of everyday home life.

Throughout his short career, he has a total of only seven credits including features, guest spots on TV series, and made for TV movies.

Other features were a role in “The Clan of the Cave Bear” (1986), guest roles on the TV series “The Magical World of Disney” (1986), “Murder, She Wrote” (1986), and the TV movie “Stone Fox” (1987).

After “Stone Fox” he was not seen again on the screen until 1997 when he had appeared as a Party Guest (uncredited) in the film “It’s My Party.”

With talk of a remake of Flight of the Navigator now making the rounds again, I would hope they would give him an appearance in this film as a sort of homage as we see often when movies are remade.

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Johnny Quest

As a kid, I love the DVD of Flight of the Navigator.

Modesty Blaise

Oh, the wide-eyed innocence of youth, Cramer was a little cutie in those days, wish him well his present troubles aside.

Donnie Darko

Hate all you like he is still above ground so he did not get killed by the booze and the drugs like many other former child stars.

Glamour Girl

I thought he was so cute in Flight of the Navigator, so ok he has had some problems in adult life but he is human.

The Shadow

I would like to see that movie Runaway I just looked it up and it sounds cool, never heard of it before this.

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