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The Karate Kid (1984)

The Karate KidThe Karate Kid was a sensation when it was released in the summer on 1984 and proceeded to captivate movie audiences of all ages.

Director John G. Alvidsen delivered a crowd-pleasing winner in this one of the best underdog stories much reminiscent of his earlier boxing saga, Rocky. As a matter of fact, the plot holds many similarities, the underdog triumphs against all odds. And in the line of other films such as Rudy and Lucas.

In the film well know plot Daniel moves with his mother from New Jersey to California for a better job opportunity.  Here Daniel the new kid in town is having a hard time fitting into the California scene and quickly gains the unwanted attention of some locals who all happen to be all members of a local karate school Cobra Kai.

One day being administered a brutal beating by the bullies gets the attention of the elderly Miyagi who leaps to his defense and soundly dispatches the teenage bullies. Impressed by this Daniel asks Mr. Miyagi if he would teach him karate and the rest is history.

The film a hit with all audiences and kids especially those who could identify with being the new kid in town and being bullied and then the euphoria of good triumphing over evil at the end. Audiences in one motion jumped and cheered at the iconic ending sequence when Daniel triumphs over the bully and in turn the karate school and its beliefs.

Karate kid is well directed and acted by all the cast and the story has all kinds of appeal, Karate Kid is not just one of the best films of the 1980s it is one of the best films of all time. The sequels pale in comparison as they could never recapture the magic of the original as did the inferior remake starring Jaden Martin in the title role.

The Karate Kid has left a mark on so many kids who grew up in the 80s and sparked the opening of many karate schools and kids who flocked to karate schools.

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Best movie ever, sure better than the Jaden Smith crap.

Jeff OBrien

Fantastic movie, just get you really pumped.

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