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Corey Haim – On Top in the 80’s

Corey Haim of Lucas.

Corey Haim was one of the biggest teen stars of the 1980s with such films as Lucas, Silver Bullet, The Lost Boys, and License to Drive.

From the mid-eighties with “Silver Bullet” through to the end of the decade with 1989’s “Dream a Little Dream” when his carer was starting to wane due to drug abuse even at a young age.

Haim first appeared as Brian in 1984’s “Firstborn” and gave an effective performance as Brian a young boy who has to endure life with his mom’s violent boyfriend. The next year he had small roles in “Murphy’s Romance” with Sally Field and James Garner and “Secret Admirer” before securing the lead in Silver Bullet as the wheelchair-bound kid who suspects that a werewolf is prowling his small town. This same year he won a Young Artist Award for playing the dying son of Liza Minnelli in the TV movie A Time to Live. On Television, he had also earlier appeared in the CBC TV Canadian series “The Edison Twins” playing Larry.

Silver Bullet is the movie that brought Corey to my attention as I was equally terrified and entertained with this film as I imagined being caught in the situation of being confined to this chair and facing the threat of this supernatural being.

Lucas which remains today an endearing classic of the 1980s might be Haim’s best-known film next to the other 80’s classic “The Lost Boys.” Watching Lucas later on in life I got to appreciate what an outstanding performance Haim gave in this touching film of the underdog. Haim’s portrayal of the insect-collecting nerd Lucas and his life at high school was so true to life that it seemed like I was watching a real story unfold before my eyes. Haim was so effective that you can’t help but be sympathetic to the character. The film is often referred to as a poor man’s “Rudy” which it closely resembles, the nerdy kid becomes the hero theme. There is one thing I liked about Lucas that was true to life when Lucas so foolishly suited up and took the field with the much bigger and tougher players my reaction was here goes he will be the hero and run for the winning TD but that was not to be.

Haim later went on to star in “The Lost Boys” which for many including myself is one of the best films of that decade but I remain loyal to Lucas. Others such as “License to Drive” certified him as a teen heartthrob and a bankable teen actor.

Corey also at the height of his career missed out on two well-known roles the River Phoenix role in “Mosquito Coast” that was turned down and he lost out to Corey Feldman for the role of Mouth in “The Goonies.”

Corey Haim’s promising career was derailed by substance abuse it was later learned that during the making of Lucas in his early teens Haim was already downing beers, and by The Lost Boys was trying marijuana and later on to cocaine and crack and by the time he was doing License to Drive things were well off the rails. In 1990 he appeared in “Prayer of the Rollerboys” but through the 90’s when he should have been flourishing as an actor things had gone awry for him.

On March 10, 2010, Haim was taken to Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank after his Mom made a 9.1.1 call, he was pronounced dead at 2:15 a.m. He was 38 years old. His work in many films such as Lucas and The Lost Boys will be enjoyed by many new fans for years to come.

Corey Haim Photos

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Corey Haim on top in the 80s is the title but somebody is lying according to Corey Feldman, Charlie was the one on top. 😛

Modesty Blaise

He was just lovely, ruined himself wit the debauchery of Sin City, tsk! Hollywood mauls kid actors.


Corey Haim rocked the 80s. 🙂


Just the cutest kid, love his 80’s movies with Lucas as my fav. RIP.

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