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Ten 1980s Movies Every Kid Should See

The 1980s was a great time at the movies with many films made that appealed to kids and teens. Those films made in that period remain timeless with a splendid blend of comedy, fantasy, adventure, and moral lessons. In the 80s kids and teens had a great cinema experience watching movies from the likes of Walt Disney and Steven Spielberg. A great experience today’s kids should have a taste of as these films can be found on DVD or Blu-Ray almost everywhere. A look at some of the 1980 movies every kid should see are:

The Little Mermaid: This 1989 Walt Disney classic will remain a movie for kids of all generations to see for a long time. The tale has clear graphics and an adventurous storyline that all kids will enjoy. The Little Mermaid has one of the best movie soundtracks that kids will love and listen to over again.

Flight of the Navigator: Flight of the Navigator is a 1986 science fiction with a lot of aliens and robots. The kind of stuff that keeps kids amused. The movie has some old cultural references, but it will still make a good watch for children.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: E.T., received high praise and was easily the most popular movie of 1982 and the 1980s and went on to win numerous awards. The movie is about a little boy who befriends an alien and helps him return to his planet. This movie has great moral lessons for kids.

The Princess Bride: This 80s movie has a mixture of amusing genres such as comedy, adventure, fantasy, and romance. The movie has so many movie quotes that are used even today. Any kid who watches The Princess Bride will find scenes and quotes they would appreciate.

Beetlejuice: Do you need a movie for your little ones to watch on Halloween? Put on Beetlejuice! The movie is scary enough to have kids cover their faces but not scary enough to give them nightmares. It’s simply perfect.

WarGames: Kids love movies about video games, understandable conspiracies, and technologies, so it’s easy to predict how they would feel about WarGames. The 80s kids loved this movie when it came out in 1983 and the 2000s kids will love it now.

Ghostbusters: Ghostbusters was so good when it came out in 1984 that it was remade in the year 2016. The comedy interwoven with a spooky ghost tale is just the perfect blend to keep the kids giggling and shrieking.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit: It’s surprising to think that a movie with so many special effects could be made in the 80s but Steven Spielberg did it and it worked. The movie has both cartoon characters and real-life characters interacting together and pulling amazing stunts. Kids will love it.

The Goonies: If it’s a Stephen Spielberg, then your kids should see it. Kids love exciting movies and this movie is one that would hold their attention.

Lean on Me: This movie has a lot of lessons that every child should learn. It’s the kind of movie a family should watch together. As a parent, you can also take on some helpful tips on parenting from the movie.

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I just don’t see the love for “The Goonies” either I did not find it that awesome at all, I prefer “Explorers, ” Flight of the Navigator” and “Back to the Future” and oh “D.A.R.Y.L.” I know it is a list of 10 but how could Back to the Future not be listed.


E.T is my fav movie of 1980’s I have only seen it on TV like DVD etc I would love to see it at a movie cinema.


All good movies but the 80’s had so many movies that appealed to kids and teens like the ones mentioned also by @Baumgartner it would be one long list to complete. I was not around then but I am sure the 80’s was a great time at the movies. I just missed it but caught a lot on the good old VHS days. 🙂


You can add to that list “The NeverEnding Story” (1984), Explorers (1985), D.A.R.Y.L (1985), Short Circuit (1986). I realize there are many as the 80’s produced many movies that thrilled kids.

Navy Boy

Why is Stand by Me not on your list? well, I guess you can’t list them all but that is my favorite movie from the 80’s.

The Goonies to me is so overrated, I hate that movie the kids are super annoying.

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